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About SK Abid: A Leading Astrologer in Kolkata 


SK Abid, the renowned and seasoned astrologer, is now practicing in Kolkata. His journey began from Jaipur where he originates from and he has dedicated his time and life to the practice and study of Vedic astrology. What sets SK Abid apart is his ability to converge his knowledge of Vedic Astrology and KP Astrology, also known as Krishnamurti Paddhati, leading to excellent understanding of palmistry and career astrology. He has also been blessed with an unparalleled intuitive ability that makes his predictions on point, making him a favorite amongst the top business families and celebrities across the country. His career spans over 15 years now and he has worked with several multinational corporations in India. He has passed Jyotish Bharati, Jyotish Sastri, Jyotish Vidya Bachaspati and Jyotish Vidya Baridhi from the Astrological Research Project of Vedic and K.P. System Astrology. He is a Gold Medalist in Vedic Astrology and a Silver Medalist in Jyotish Acharya. 


His reputation precedes his success with awards received from the likes of Bipasha Basu to Shilpa Shetty. And from Kangana Ranaut, as well as Sonu Sood. SK Abid now operates out of south Kolkata with two chambers in posh neighborhoods like Rashbehari Avenue and Golf Green and while doing in-person consultations, he also consults over phone calls and video conferencing. He was a regular on Zee Bangla where he has received many requests and praises from audiences and he often posts content on various social media and video streaming platforms. He discusses a range of topics including the benefits and uses of a variety of astrological gemstones. And he is the leader behind Nabgraha Gems, Kolkata’s premier gemstone destination with an extensive range of certified and authentic gemstones. 


SK Abid specializes in career, job and business consultation and is also an expert in matters of relationships, love, marriage and family problems. His accurate predictions along with remedial advice has proven to be successful time and again making him one of Kolkata’s leading and best astrologers. Other areas of interest for him include palmistry, numerology, vastu shastra, and Sulemani tantra making his range of knowledge in astrology superior. This is what has led SK Abid to becoming one of the leading astrologers in India as he continues to impress and mesmerize his clients and well-wishers. 



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In this world of technology, you can reach SK Abid, leading astrologer in Kolkata through online consultations no matter where you are. We provide online consultation in various categories such as Job & Career matters, Business-Related matters, Love-life & Marriage Related matters. You can consult astrologer SK Abid by clicking here and making a request. Our team will contact you and set up your meeting. We also provide services of preparing birth charts which can be sent via Whatsapp, email or collected from our chambers. SK Abid also specializes in vedic astrology, KP astrology, palmistry, numerology, and matching-making consultancy.

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Astrologer SK Abid - Famous Astrologer in Kolkata

Life becomes easy and comes back on track once you know whom you assign to hold your life steering. Come and meet Astrologer SK Abid and turn your goals into reality with the best and most effective astrology remedies and tips. He is the best astrologer in Kolkata resolving issues of lives (personal and professional) with comprehensive birth chart reading, fail-safe astrological remedies, and real-time solutions. His astrology consultation and remedies are cost-effective and result-bound. This astrologer of repute does not recommend unnecessary remedies including gemstones or other remedies unless he feels it to be undoubtedly necessary. 

According to his clients, he is an amazing astrologer with great insight and unparalleled analytical skills. People who have visited this famous astrologer in Kolkata never come back with bare hands. They have been guided, provided, and motivated with unusual but realistic tips and remedies that have revolved their lives thoroughly toward happiness, success, and peace of mind. His unconventional consultation on Family, Health, Education, Marriage, Business, Career, Job, Foreign Settlement, Children, Love and Relationship problems, and Match-Making has transformed many lives and filled them with hope and positivity. His vast knowledge, expertise, and grasp of Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu, KP Astrology, and Sulemani Tantra always determine a better life and healthy living for many souls who have been looking for direction to overcome challenges. His guidance never fails to bring smiles to faces with a ray of hope and ways to succeed that we all look for to survive in today’s daunting and competitive world. 

With more than one and a half decades of experience and an exceptional success rate in predictive astrology, Astrologer SK Abid is looking forward to helping more and more individuals who are living in despair, and pain and struggling hard to live. To reach out to a maximum number of people, he has started providing online and over-the-phone consultations along with in-person visits for people of Kolkata (North, South, and Central) and for those who are living in the outskirts.  

Astrologer SK Abid is not only an astrologer of trust and value among his clients but also a well-known figure in the clan of Kolkata Astrologers. So far, he has been nominated for many awards and won as well. His achievement is honored by many institutes, Jyotish organizations, and well-known cultural entities.  To date, he has bagged many titles including Jyotish Bharati, Jyotish Sastri, Jyotish Vidya Bachaspati, and Jyotish Vidya Baridhi. You can meet with this astrologer of infinite knowledge and celestial wisdom at his two South Kolkata chambers including Rashbehari Avenue and Golf Green. Otherwise, you can book an online consultation to talk to this wise and friendly soul over the phone or through video conferencing. Book now to evade the rush. 

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Astrologer SK Abid, the eminent astrologer in Kolkata is now available online with his plethora of consultations. Directly you can talk to Astrologer SK Abir online through video calls, WhatsApp calling, and other reliable online podiums. Whether you are from Kolkata, India, or international cities/countries, contact Astrologer SK Abid at ease and get result-bound remedies to make your life better.
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