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Leading astrologer, Astrologer SK Abid an expert numerologist with a passion for the subject and has done extensive research on it over his 15 year career span. His experience and knowledge has made him one of the best astrologer in Kolkata. He has helped several people in their personal and professional lives with the help of numerology and has been cherished by his clients for several years for it.

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In this world of technology, you can reach SK Abid, leading astrologer in Kolkata through online consultations no matter where you are. When in-person visits are difficult to do, you can contact us and get an appointment with Astrologer SK Abid through audio or video meetings. We also prepare birth charts and can send soft copies via Whatsapp or email. So whether you have a personal problem or a professional problem, contact leading astrologer, Astrologer SK Abid. Once you fill our contact form, our team will contact you shortly to set up your appointment.


Not at all. Considering only the zodiac signs compatibility for match-making and marriage is not enough. There are lots more things to consider including Gana, Yoni, Vashya, Bhakoot, and so on. So, visit only a learned and best match-making consultant in Kolkata to have a comprehensive Kundali Milan process. Marriage is about lifetime commitment and it should not be taken lightly. 

Yes, it is possible. If you don’t know your birth time but you have a birth date then the match-making process will be done based on Chandra (Moon) Kundalis or charts. It is certainly acceptable and result-worthy. Just visit an experienced match-making consultant in Kolkata and learn how you can be compatible with your partner to lead a happier married life. 

Yes, you can visit a match-making consultant in Kolkata undoubtedly however you are marrying the person you love. Match-making consultancy will not hamper your relationship. Rather, if there is any mismatch found during the consultation, Astrologer SK Abid guides you to overcome the problems with remedies and tips. On the contrary, you will have a better-married life with this consultation. 

Astrologer SK Abid - Best Numerologist in Kolkata

Astrologer SK Abid has nearly two decades of practical experience in the domain of Numerology. Up until now, he has assisted hundreds of thousands of his clients with numerological tips, name correction, and Lo Shu Grid calculation. His sharp knowledge and in-depth calculation in the domain of numerology help people conquer problems related to business, job, career, foreign settlement, relationship, marriage, children, health, family, disease, property, and so on. He is one of the most renowned numerologists in Kolkata who offers assistance in newborn numerology.  No matter where you are or what you are, contact this best numerologist in Kolkata to have the best remedies and make your life a better living place.


A Brief Overview of Numerology

Numerology is a mystic yet ancient science that is purely based on the calculations of numbers. The philosophy of numerology narrates specifically that each number is special and carries a special vibration. It is a powerful tool that guides individuals with directions and Knowledge to conquer the battle of life.

Your name and date of birth show a unique number when they are reduced to a single number or a code, and that code narrates your characteristics and persona along with the life lesson for you. Thus, if you want to decode the purpose of your life along with its lessons then decipher it with Astrologer SK Abid, the most famous numerologist in Kolkata. You will find so many answers that remain unsolved to date.


Online Astrology Consultation - Talk To an Astrologer on the Phone

Now Astrologer SK Abid is available for online numerological consultation. Whatever your matter of concern is, the best numerologist in Kolkata is now providing numerological consultation online. Just book your appointment in advance to avoid a rush. You can choose any online mode including Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp Call, or over-the-telephone consultancy for consultation.

Why is it beneficial to seek the best numerological consultation?

Whether you are struggling hard, missing the real essence of life, searching for a way to success, lacking motivation, or suffering from pain; whatever the issue is, taking a numerological consultation benefits you in many ways. Through a numerological consultation, you can explore your potential and find the relationship between numbers and your life event, and lots more. Let us have a look at the benefits of having a numerological consultation,

Making the Right Decision: You can make better choices and decisions according to your personality and traits once you meet the best numerologist in Kolkata. With a numerology chart guidance, your life will be more fulfilling and rewarding at the same time.

Improve Relationship: Numerology helps you understand who you are and what should be your efforts in a relationship. You can reciprocate better to the needs of your partners.

Finding Out Opportunities: Numerology shows the favorable time to take action as well as opportunities and challenges that will come on your way to success. Your life path number shows more than half of your journey.

Numerology and Life Path Number define yourself to you more than you have imagined.

Numerologist of Repute SK Abid

Astrologer SK Abid is one of the best numerologists in Kolkata anyone can trust. He is an Astro-Numerologist, Vastu Expert, and KP Astrologer. His extensive knowledge and experience have helped numerous clients from various walks of life and corners of India and the globe up until now. He has nearly two decades of expertise in numerology and has been guiding people to attain peace, harmony, and success. Whether you come from a background including job (private/government), business (self-owned/partnership), freelancing, homemaker, student, artistic field, or you are an amateur; you can attain the best Mantra of Success and Peace in life when you understand the vibe of your life path number, driver and conductor number along with the magical Kua Number and how to channel those into action.

Astrologer SK Abid, the best numerologist in Kolkata advises to attain at least one numerological consultation before starting anything new. He says, “Once a person knows what is good or bad according to the Life Path /Destiny number, he will evade most of his mistakes unknowingly”. Hence, if you are looking forward to making your life better than before, book your numerological consultation with a Numerologist of repute in Kolkata, MR. SK Abid now. 

People Also Ask 

  • Can Numerology Help Me Choosing The Right Property?
Certainly. Your date of birth and name reveal so much of you and your property as well. So, if you are worried about your property and cannot decide what to buy and when to buy, you can certainly visit the best numerologist in Kolkata. Astrologer SK Abid has provided property guidance to numberless people and helped them make the right choice in property to date. 
  • What is the Kua Number in Numerology?
Kua number is a deciding factor for an individual. It is calculated based on your birth year and gender. This number deciphers the lucky corners of your life including the unlucky ones. You can get to know the auspicious and inauspicious areas of your life with the vibe of the Kua number once you visit a renowned Kolkata numerologist for sure. 
  • Can Numerology Help Me Decide on Lucky Color?

Yes, it can. Your life path number is governed by a planet. So, according to the planet and its elements, you can find out the lucky color as well. Besides color, you can decipher your food habits, suitable lifestyle, career, and more when you visit an experienced numerologist in Kolkata. You can better contact Astrologer SK Abid in this regard.
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