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Career & Job Consultancy with Astrologer SK Abid

Leading Astrologer SK Abid is an expert in providing career and job-related advice and his accuracy has been appreciated and acknowledged by many clients over his 15 year career. He specializes in providing the potential field of work and career based on the client’s birth chart/kundli and is one of the best astrologer in Kolkata. Astrologer SK Abid also has a decade of experience in the corporate culture and has worked alongside several Multinational Companies (MNC) and Corporates around India. He is a Gold Medalist in Vedic Astrology and has passed several other important astrology-related courses such as Jyotish Bharati amongst others.

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Online Astrology Consultation

In this world of technology, you can reach SK Abid, leading astrologer in Kolkata through online consultations no matter where you are. When in-person visits are difficult to do, you can contact us and get an appointment with Astrologer SK Abid through audio or video meetings. We also prepare birth charts and can send soft copies via Whatsapp or email. So whether you have a personal problem or a professional problem, contact leading astrologer, Astrologer SK Abid. Once you fill our contact form, our team will contact you shortly to set up your appointment.


Not at all. Considering only the zodiac signs compatibility for match-making and marriage is not enough. There are lots more things to consider including Gana, Yoni, Vashya, Bhakoot, and so on. So, visit only a learned and best match-making consultant in Kolkata to have a comprehensive Kundali Milan process. Marriage is about lifetime commitment and it should not be taken lightly. 

Yes, it is possible. If you don’t know your birth time but you have a birth date then the match-making process will be done based on Chandra (Moon) Kundalis or charts. It is certainly acceptable and result-worthy. Just visit an experienced match-making consultant in Kolkata and learn how you can be compatible with your partner to lead a happier married life. 

Yes, you can visit a match-making consultant in Kolkata undoubtedly however you are marrying the person you love. Match-making consultancy will not hamper your relationship. Rather, if there is any mismatch found during the consultation, Astrologer SK Abid guides you to overcome the problems with remedies and tips. On the contrary, you will have a better-married life with this consultation. 

Best Career Astrologer in Kolkata

Say goodbye to workplace issues or obstacles in your career when Astrologer SK Abid, the best career astrologer in Kolkata is here for your help. Whether you are a working professional, a business guy, or at the beginning of your career after college; consulting with a career astrologer will be worth you. You can get to know the best-fitted niche to start your career. It is always good to consult with an astrologer because it prevents mistakes and chances of making wrong decisions. So, don’t hover here and there, and don’t indulge yourself in the guesswork. Instead, talk to the best career astrologer near me, Astrologer SK Abid, and start your career afresh.

Besides, if you are thinking of switching your current job, but are unable to understand whether it will be good or bad for you, go for an Astro-Consultation on career from only best career astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer SK Abid. Astrology is not a hype, but it is a precise way to decipher your past, present, and future. And, career astrology is not an exception. Astrologer SK Abid has over fifteen years of experience in Astrology and to date, he has assisted many professionals to attain the peak of success with fail-safe remedies. Be the next to enjoy the fruit of success in your career.

Online Astrology Consultation - Talk To an Astrologer on the Phone

Gladly Astrologer SK Abid serves clients online now. So, no matter where you are and whatever the problem you have, you can consult with the best career astrologer in Kolkata anytime and anywhere. Astrologer SK Abid provides over-the-phone consultations for people who are not so comfortable with video conferencing or online calls.

Why Choose Us?

Instant Consultation: Get connected with an experienced career astrologer in Kolkata and sort your career issues easily. Book your appointment, share your birth details, and get an instant Astro-Career consultation.  

Precise Career Astrology: Know the exact reason behind your success and failure in your career while you choose Astrologer SK Abid for career astrology counseling. Find the best ways to achieve career success.

Virtual Consultation: Consult your career issues with the best career astrologer in Kolkata online and get rid of problems. Career Astrology consultation is easy and affordable with virtual consultation. 

Personalized Remedies: Get personalized astrological remedies and advice while consulting with the best career astrologer near me, Astrologer SK Abid. Choose the best career based on your planetary placement.

People Also Ask

  • Do Career Astrology Works?

Yes, it works. If you get to learn when you need to start, where you need to start, and which the best niche is for you, you can achieve success faster than usual. So, it is good to consult with a career astrologer near me when you thinking of starting a new career or switching the present one.

  • Is the Placement of Mars in 1st, 4th, 7th, and 12th Create Problems in Career?

Mars is the planet of courage, power, strength, and self-esteem. So, if Mars is prominent in one of these houses, you may face problems in getting gel with others or simply to say in adjustment. So, if you have Mars in one of these places, consult with the best career astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer SK Abid.

  • Is 10th House the Only Factor for Career?
Along with the 10th house, the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th also impact our career. So, when it comes to career consultancy in Astrology, all these houses should be considered. Each house is connected to another house. So, visit only an experienced and genuine career astrologer in Kolkata to get precise advice that works for you.
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