Discover the Best Time for Job Change According to Vedic Astrology


Discover the Best Time for Job Change According to Vedic Astrology

Bringing a change in career sounds interesting but it is a daunting task for many. You never know how whether the new workplace, boss, or new workmates would be a good fit for you or not. New job opportunities look tempting; however, come up with certainty as well. If you are undergoing such a scenario and looking for the right direction, you can certainly look into your fortune starts as your guidance. Astrologer SK Abid, one of the best career astrologers near me is here to mentor you according to the stars reflected in your birth chart. 


So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive deep into the discussion to learn about the best time for a job change or switch. 


Reveal Shubha Time (Good Time) for Job Change


Certain planetary shifts or transits ensure the best time for a job change or major life change. Change can be seen as a promotion in a job, a hike in salary, recognition from the organization for consistent performance, or a transfer to another department with bigger responsibilities and a higher pay package as well. Let us know which planetary transits bring transformation in professional life aligned with the planetary position in the natal chart. 

  • Transit of Jupiter: Jupiter is our Pran Vayu, the Jeeva. Meaning, it helps us drive our life forces. Additionally, it acts well on your job too. Whenever Jupiter transits through your 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 11th house of your natal chart, you take it as a good time to switch. This transit brings new opportunities and happiness in life according to its placement in your horoscope. Even if Jupiter transits over the natal Saturn in your birth chart, you can expect to see a positive change in your professional life. It brings fortune to your professional life with growth, new job opportunities, a hike in salary, and optimisms. 

  • Transit of Saturn: Most people take Saturn on a negative note. However, it is not. When Saturn transits through the 2nd, 6th, 10th, and also 7th house of your horoscope, you can see positive changes in your career. You can get calls from other organizations, or your desired company with a lump sum pay package during this time. Even, a transit over your natal Jupiter of Saturn also indicates a good time for job change. 

  • Influence of Rahu and Ketu (North Node & South Node): Rahu and Ketu take 18 years to complete a full circle of the Kalpurush Kundali. When Rahu/Ketu transits through natal Rahu or Ketu, rest assured to have a bigger change in your personal and professional life. It can be good or bad. To know its phase, you need to visit an experienced career astrologer near me. Even the transits of important planets including Jupiter and Saturn through your natal Rahu or Ketu trigger changes in your professional life. 


However, it is strongly advised to consult with an astrologer if you need more clarification on the job change. Career analysis through birth chart reading sheds better light and ensures the best direction once you face a job change dilemma. 


Before Leaving…


You will be surprised to know that even the ‘New Moon’ in every month also indicates the best time to set your goals for career upliftment or positive changes. So, if you want to know which will be the best time job switch according to your birth chart, contact Astrologer SK Abid, the best career astrologer near me at your convenience. 


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