Navamsha Chart Analysis - A Simplified Approach Analysing Married Life


Navamsha Chart Analysis - A Simplified Approach Analysing Married Life

Astrological consultation ensures a ray of hope and transformation in life once you consider a good and genuine astrologer for this purpose. In most of the consultations or free horoscope reading sessions, we take account of our D1 chart and the birth chart in general. However, when you contact Astrologer SK Abid, the leading astrologer in Kolkata, you will have a consultation based on your divisional charts.  However, today, we are going to unfold the benefits of considering the D9 chart (Navamsha) for understanding life after marriage.


In this blog, we will learn through the knowledge of Astrologer SK Abid why we should consider the D9 chart analysis for married life during Marriage Astrology consultations. Let’s get going…


Astrological Significance of D9 Chart in Marriage


D9 chart is famous as the Navamsha Chart. This is the ninth part of your zodiac sign. The planetary placements and status should be compared with the planetary placements in the D1 chart to have a higher perception of birth chart analysis. For instance, if the ascendant falls in Cancer in the D1 chart and Scorpio in the D9 chart, you need to place the D9 ascendant in the D1 chart for further analysis. D9 chart plays an important role in deciphering the life after your marriage. Even, your luck factor and characteristics of your spouse can also be analyzed through the D9, Navamsha chart in astrology. 


If the planets of the D1 chart move to the Kendra Sthans including 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th, or Trikona Sthans including 1st, 5th, and 9th house in the D9 chart, it is considered auspicious. However, if the planets of the D1 chart go into the 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th house in the D9 chart, the placements offer inauspicious results based on the Mahadasha and Antardasha. The karakatwa of signs, houses, and planets in the D1 chart provides results corresponding to their placement and combinations in the D9 chart precisely. 


Impacts of D9 Chart on Marriage With House Analysis


Every divisional chart has its Karaka planet. For the D9 or Navamsha chart, the Karaka planet is Venus and it is the same for male and female jatakas. However, Jupiter and Mars are also considered to provide an in-depth analysis of females’ Navamsha Chart Analysis. Each house in the D9 chart narrates specific events in our life after marriage. Let us delve deep into a discussion for a border perspective of life after marriage with the D9 chart analysis. 


1st House: Solely concentrates on the native

2nd House: Accumulation of Wealth after marriage

3rd House: Your courage and father-in-law 

4th House: Your happiness in marriage

5th House: Intellectual quotient in married life

6th House: Challenges you face

7th House: Your spouse 

8th House: Inheritance through your married life

9th House: Value and morality of your married life

10th House: Your mother-in-law and your work after marriage

11th House: Romance and gain in marriage

12th House: Moksha after marriage


Along with the houses, the Vagottama, Bhavottama, Karakamsa, Swa-Navamsha, and more are there to be considered while analyzing the fate of marriage through the D9 chart. 


If you want to analyze your D9 chart corresponding to the D1 chart, Astrologer SK Abid, the leading astrologer in Kolkata is all here for your help. Contact Astrologer SK Abid for marriage astrology consultation in Kolkata to secure happiness and success in your married life. 

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