Know the Perfect Age of Marriage Through Zodiac Signs


Know the Perfect Age of Marriage Through Zodiac Signs

No matter how modern the world and its people become, at some point in life, everyone thinks about the institution of marriage. Everyone desires to have a suitable life partner and searches accordingly. Many times, despite having a suitable partner, we cannot get married timely. We face hurdles in marriage, and sometimes marriage gets delayed. So today we will know the exact marriage time according to the zodiac sign from one of the leading astrologers in Kolkata, Astrologer SK Abid. 


Right Age of Marriage for Each Zodiac Sign


Each zodiac is unique to others based on its traits and qualities. So, the approaches to love and commitment are different for different zodiac signs, as well as the timing for marriage. Whether you are a passionate Aries, a head-strong Taurus, or a mysterious Scorpio, your stars provide the clues for the most favorable age for your marriage. Let’s find the right time for marriage for different zodiac signs through the light of Vedic astrology. 

  1. Aries: It is an impulsive zodiac sign governed by Mars. Natives of Aries make abrupt decisions. Hence, they are advised to marry after 28 at least. 
  2. Taurus: It is a very practical sign and so its natives. The sign is governed by Venus. Natives of Taurus are extremely serious in relationships and fulfilling commitments. Hence, it is good to wait until you become 30 to have a partner like you. 
  3. Gemini: You people are not serious with relationships and afraid of committing. So, you people should find out mature partner first and get married in your late 30s. 
  4. Cancer: An extremely emotional sign and so as its natives. They value relationships. They can marry 20 to 30 by age. 
  5. Leo: They are royal, fun-loving, and headstrong people. It will be good if these people decide to get married in their late 30s. 
  6. Virgo: They are the criticizer and perfectionist. They are perfect at their every action. These people can get married by the age of 20 to 30, and they know what exactly they want from their partners. 
  7. Libra: Truly balanced people. They are not demanding but passionate in their relationship. It will not be bad if they decide to get married between 25s to 30s. 
  8. Scorpio: They are emotional, revengeful, and loving at the same time. They are advised to take time before thinking of tying the knot. The right age for their marriage will be between 28 to 32. 
  9. Sagittarius: They belong to Dharma Trikona. They are risk-takers and look for partners with good communication skills. The right age for their marriage is between 30 to 35. 
  10. Capricorn: They are hardworking people. They are practical and born with good adjustment quality. It is good if they tie the knot in their late 30s or the beginning of their 40s. 
  11. Aquarius: Aquarius people are not the proper marriage materials. They enjoy their independence very much. Still, the suitable age to tie the knot is their late 30s or 40s. 
  12. Pisces: These people are highly emotional and sensitive. They can marry in their early 20s or late 30s by their age. However, they should choose their partner wisely. 

The age mentioned here for each zodiac sign is for a generic discussion and a try to provide an idea of the right age of marriage. However, the placement of the 7th lord and its connection with other planets should considered. So, to have a personalized analysis on the right age of marriage, contact one of the leading astrologers in Kolkata, Astrologer SK Abid. You will certainly have a clear picture of your marriage with the right age prediction. 

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