What Will Be Your Career - Job or Business? Find Here!


What Will Be Your Career - Job or Business? Find Here!

Choosing the right stream of career is not a child’s play. Persons who know what to do in life and drive their way towards the same and achieve success are certainly lucky. But, some people complete their studies but are unable to find the right steam of career, and their struggle becomes futile. Until and unless, you don’t know the best option for your career - business or job, it seems hard to achieve success in your life. Today, in this blog, we will learn the best option between job and business for twelve zodiac signs from a renowned astrologer in South Kolkata, Astrologer SK Abid. 


Job or Business - What You Should Choose?


According to Vedic Astrology, yogas, and planetary combinations decide the best career choice for natives. Whether a person will do good in business or a job, his birth chart says it vividly. So, let’s discuss the most suitable career option for 12 zodiac signs according to their Lagna or Ascendant.



For Aries people, the Sun, Venus, and Saturn are beneficial planets. If any of one or two planets among them are not placed well, chances are higher doing a job than business.



Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter have to be strong to start a business for Taurus people. If any two of these planets are not well placed or retrograde, the native will do the job instead of business. 


For Gemini ascendant Moon, Venus, and Jupiter should be strong to have a business career. But, if these planets are not well positioned or weak or retrograde, you will find them jobs instead of business. 


These people will be in business if their Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are strong. Otherwise, they will have a job profile.  


For Leo people Mercury, Venus, and Sun are the karaka planet for business. But, if one of these planets becomes weak or misplaced, the natives will find themselves working for others. 


Venus, Mercury, and Moon have to be very strong to start a business for Virgo people. If they don't have these planets well-placed, they will do a job instead of business. 


Mars, Moon, and Sun are the karaka planets for Libra people. But, the placement of these planets in inimical houses or in combination with malefic pushes the natives to do a job. 


Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury are the planets for business for Scorpio people. The wrong placement of these planets or affliction forces the native to go for a job. 


If you want to start your business, you need to check the placement of Saturn, Mars, and Mercury in your chart. The weak placement of these planets forces you to do your job.  


Saturn, Venus, and Mars are the karaka of business for Capricorn people. The strong placement of these planets pushes the native into business instead of job. 

Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars the prime motivators for business for Aquarius natives. If other planets become stronger in the chart instead of these planets, the native will have a job profile. 



For Pisces people, you need to check the placement of Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn in the birth chart for business. In case natives have a weak placement of these planets, they will shine in jobs. 


This is a piece of general information on career options for natives irrespective of zodiac signs. For personalized career analysis, you should better consult with a good astrologer in South Kolkata and you will find Astrologer SK Abid helpful for sure. 


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