Easy to Maintain Vastu Remedies to Get Rid of Career Obstacles


Easy to Maintain Vastu Remedies to Get Rid of Career Obstacles

Astrology and Vastu are well connected. When Astrology says about time, Vastu is all about space. The zodiac belt also denotes space. The reason why you visit a genuine astrologer in Kolkata for Vastu remedies, s/he asks you about your horoscope.  Akin to your fortune, your horoscope also reflects the Vastu of your living place and workplace. Here, in today’s write-up, we will delve into the Vastu remedies to remove obstacles from your career or job. So, let us listen to the tip from the Vastu expert cum astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer SK Abid. 

Vastu Tips to Remove Career Obstacles


Utilize the Power of North: North and/or North-East direction is highly auspicious for growth and success in your career. Make sure the north or northeast direction in your office or your home office area is highly oriented with these directions. Meaning that the north/northeast direction should be uncluttered, open, and unrestricted. It allows the continuous flow of positive energy and increases your career opportunities. 

If it is possible then keep a money plant tree in a blue pot or bottle in this direction to experience growth in your career and attract new opportunities.

The Placement of Working Desk: The placement of a desk is crucial to magnet success. The desk should be in the south or southwest direction of your workplace. It impacts your decision-making ability and you make better decisions followed by maintaining a good tone of leadership and positivity. 

Sit Facing Position: You should sit at your workplace facing north or east. The north direction is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, marketing, and business. The east direction is controlled by the Sun, the planet of leadership, self-esteem, authority, and fame. So if you sit facing the east or northeast corner, you can express your thoughts and ideas clearly and firmly towards hierarchy and impress them as well.  

Position of Your Back: It is very important to foster the good Vastu effects.  Make sure, there is a solid wall behind your back. It represents support from your boss, colleagues, and clients as well. The position also provides your confidence and security to accomplish your work. It is not good to have a window on your back. 

Color of the Space: Color also holds important significance in Vastu. Color also impacts our mind and level of energy. So, if you have the opportunity to decorate your workspace, paint it with green or light blue. If you have no opportunity to paint, use wallpaper of green landscapes, or green plants. Such pictures provide positivity in mind and work ambiance. 

Hang Mountain Picture in the Southwest or West: Yes, you heard it just right. You can hang a picture of a mountain in the southwest or west wall. South represents the earth element and it manifests stability, focus, and patience. The West direction is all about space/air elements and it is ruled by Saturn. So, if you hang mountain pictures over here, it can help you win over challenges and stay ahead of your competitors. 

These are the very easy Vastu tips to remove workplace challenges and get ahead of career obstacles. You can follow them as much as possible. And, if you want completely personalized Vastu tips, do contact Astrologer SK Abid. he is a genuine astrologer in Kolkata and an experienced Vastu expert so far.

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