Understand Huge Differences Between 5th & 9th House Knowledge in Astrology


Understand Huge Differences Between 5th & 9th House Knowledge in Astrology

Knowledge hunger, knowledge enthusiast, inquisitive mind, curious to know so many things at a single moment - if you can relate any of these terms, you have Rahu in the 1st or 5th house in your horoscope. It is a proven fact in Vedic astrology. On the other hand, if your 9th house has prominent planets like Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, and Venus, no one can stop you become spiritually inclined. So, in today's astrology blog, we will understand the differences between the 5th house and the 9th house wisdom through the standpoint of Astrologer SK Abid, a good astrologer in Kolkata who helps us apprehend the differences effortlessly. 


5th House and 9th House in Astrology


Both the fifth and 9th houses in astrology promote knowledge. However, there is a vast difference between the two. 


Decipher 5th House Wisdom: 


When the 5th house promotes self-learning, your creative pursuit, mantra Shakti, photo-genic memory power, practicing skills, research ability, and natural curiosity. 


Important points about the 5th house knowledge 

  • It is a gift that comes from the universe and your Purva Punnya. 
  • Natives who score less than twenty-eight Ashtakvarga points, become self-learnt persons.  
  • If the 5th house comes under the influence of the influence of malefic planets, natives will learn through self-efforts but it will take time. 
  • Native will acquire knowledge faster if the 5th house is occupied by benefic planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, or Mercury. 
  • If the house falls in dual signs or is ruled by Mercury or Jupiter, the native will have an interest in various subjects and possess knowledge in multiple fields with self-efforts. 

Such natives never hesitate to learn from their mistakes, even from the kids or other's mistakes. 


Decipher 9th House Knowledge: 


The knowledge of the 9th house is basically obtained from your father, teachers, mentors, books, and other reliable sources. This house shows the orientation of knowledge in a higher consciousness. 


Simplification of 9th House Knowledge with points


  • Knowledge native gains from his school, college, teachers, lectures, theories, and society come under the umbrella of 9th house wisdom. 
  • Knowledge from different courses, training, certifications, and excursions is also seen from your 9th house. 
  • You can see a certain enhancement in your knowledge when you undergo Dasha/Antardasha of the 9th lord or the 9th lord is in the 9th house itself. 
  • The 9th house also represents the knowledge you learn from society, religion, and spirituality, and this knowledge is passed to you through your guru or mentor. 
  • Storm 9th lord also indicates learning from online sources. 

If the native scores less than 28 in the 9th house in the Ashtakavarga chart, he will get support, knowledge, and guidance from his gurus. 


Fine-Line Difference Between 5th and 9th House Knowledge


The 5th house knowledge is self-acquired. You can learn anything and everything related to the 5th house with your efforts. However, the 9th house knowledge cannot be acquired until and unless you have a guru or mentor to guide you. 


On a Closing Note….


When the 5th house's knowledge gets the support of the 9th house, the native can master any sort of knowledge effortlessly. So, how has been your knowledge acquiring process? To understand your knowledge-gaining sources, contact Astrologer SK Abid. This good astrologer in Kolkata certainly guides you in the right direction to foster your learning spirit.

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