10 Items Considered Inauspicious to Gift According to Vastu Shastra


10 Items Considered Inauspicious to Gift According to Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra and Astrology go hand in hand. The 12 zodiac signs in Astrology have a deep connection with Vastu Shastra. Each house represents a certain element including Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Ether; and Vastu Shastra concentrates on these five elements entirely. Where we live or work, we communicate with people and exchange items; everything everywhere is surrounded by a certain energy.  today, in this blog, an expert Vastu expert, Astrologer SK Abid who is also a good astrologer in Kolkata helps us understand how gifts we give or receive influence the energy of our life and what gift items we should not give or receive to maintain the positivity in life. 


Gift and Energy in Vastu Shastra


Every item in this universe carries energy. Whether it is a living thing or non-living; energy is present there. The gift you receive or offer carries energy. The process of gifting should be an auspicious matter and it should not imbibe negativity. Thus, any gift that channels negativity, should not be given or received. Items that carry the energy of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu should not be given to anyone or received from others, you can buy those items on your own for personal use.   


Items Not Good as Gifts to Offer/Receive

  1. Pickle: Yes, you heard it just right. Pickles are made following the fermentation process. It takes time and anything that takes longer time relates to Saturn. If you offer pickle to anyone, you share your Karma energy with the person. Your karma is completely yours; whether it is good or bad and should not share it with others. 

  1. Shoes: You cannot offer shoes to anyone as gifts. You can offer the money that is required to buy a pair of shoes. But, avoid giving or receiving shoes to/from others. It will impact the energy of Saturn in your horoscope. Don’t malign the energy of Saturn to keep your professional life happy and growing.

  1. Sharp Items: Items like knives, scissors, needles, and so on should not be given or received. These items symbolize cutting or separating and certainly do not manifest positivity. So, such items should be evaded as a choice of gift. It impacts Ketu's energy. 

  1. Clocks: According to Vastu Shastra, whether it is a wall clock or a wristwatch, you should not gift clocks to anyone. It impacts the energy of your Saturn and the Saturn energy of the receiver. Saturn rules the West direction in Vastu and it is the side of prosperity. You should not harm this side of energy to retain goodness and growth in your life. 

  1. Electronic Gadget or Equipment: According to Vastu, you should not give or receive any electric gadget or equipment. It disrupts the positive flow of energy at your home. It badly affects Rahu in your chart as well as your home. 

  1. Mirror: According to Vastu, mirrors multiply negative energy and reflect it too. So, if you want to gift any decor to anyone, avoid a mirror to retain the positive Vastu vibe.  


Other items that should not be chosen as gift items are (7) thorny planets, (8) artwork that reflects negativity or cruelty, (9) leather items, and (10) glass items.


If you find reading this blog interesting, don’t forget to drop a comment. And, if you are looking for personalized Vastu or Astro-Vastu tips, contact Astrologer SK Abid, a good Astrologer in Kolkata with deep insight into Vastu. 

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